ESKAPS India was established in 1964 as an Inspection Agency cum Testing Laboratory by a group of technocrats; Mr. Sekhar Guha, Mr. Kajal Sen, Mr. Salil Kar, Mr. Protip Kumar Basu and Mr. Sudhir Kumar Chatterjee. Armed with immense knowledge in the field research, testing and analysis and ready to take on the world, they sowed the seeds of Eskaps India with the setting up of an industrial testing laboratory in Kolkata along with undertaking survey and inspection services. Eskaps was the first domestic private limited company to be appointed as the official inspection agency on behalf of The Government of Russia for pre-shipment inspection of Raw Jute & Jute goods from India for all imports to the country.

Being the oldest private Testing Laboratory in Eastern India we got accreditation for our first laboratory from National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL) under Ministry of Science & Technology as per ISO/IEC 17025:1999 in August 2001 in Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical fields for Jute, Textile, Rubber, Leather, Ores & Minerals and Insulating Oil. Our Laboratory was approved by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) from 1978 as per respective Revised Scheme and we are the permanent member of Jute & Jute Product Sectional Committee (TXD 03) of BIS.

During its initial days Eskaps was involved in testing of tea, rubber, jute, textile, coal and various other industrial materials for National and International Government agencies across the globe. Over the years, Eskaps established itself as a pioneer in the industry with both public and private companies relying on its services for analytical testing and inspection for all import and export related activities. Our customers vouched for our services as we focused on maintaining the highest standards and integrity in all our activities. Eskaps continues to be one of the oldest and most reputed testing and analytical laboratories in Eastern India.

The company has thrived on its reputation for providing authentic and accurate test and survey results since its inception in 1964 which is the bedrock of our sustainability in the industry for over half a century. Today Eskaps India is focused on achieving newer standards and providing world class services to its clients. We have migrated from manual to automatic report generation system and significantly reduced the turnaround time of our services. Focus on customer satisfaction and maintaining integrity form the basis of our existence and we endeavour to keep up with technological advancements and improve our services every single day.


We have a strong team of about 70 to 80 employees with relevant qualifications in their respective fields. All our employees go through rigorous training for months and thus the team is highly qualified and skilled to undertake all activities of the company. The business is headed by Mr. Laba Kumar Das assisted by the Directors of the company.


“Make in India” is the motto followed by Eskaps India, hence, we want to be a benefactor of this country’s progress. Apart from delivering accurate results, Eskaps India aims at catering to the needs of the ever-growing sectors of manufacturing, consumption and services in India.


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Eskaps shall maintain strict internal quality control according to guidelines laid down by various accreditation bodies like NABL, NABCB, BIS, ISO, QCI, SAATHI, WASH etc. and undertake all activities as per standard protocols and procedures.

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Eskaps believes in delivering best in class services and ensuring customer satisfaction in all its dealings with focus on avoiding slippages in service quality

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Eskaps hires experts and experienced personnel for providing quality services to its clients. Employee satisfaction is the key to delivering best results in this industry



Impartial and unbiased results of the tests and surveys are delivered to the customers as per the standards prescribed by the regulatory bodies.



Accuracy is considered by us as the cornerstone of success. Through proper supervision and control of personnel and equipment, the accuracy of the results is ensured all the time.



Confidentiality is the biggest commitment between the client and the laboratory. Eskaps recognizes this importance and maintains a strict control over access to client information and reports by following the rules of the Information Security Management System.