The post-coronavirus business landscape will clearly include a larger focus on health, safety and hygiene conditions of employees, customers and public at large. India’s decision to start opening up the economy in a staggered manner, while laudable, requires a plan to make sure that exceptions are minimized and recurrences of spread are strategically isolated. The positives of the lockdown cannot be afforded to be negated and therefore, there is a need to bring specific standards/protocols for the business organizations, institutions etc. to ensure that they are able to operate safely with little or no instances of recurrence.

The Quality Council of India (QCI) has commenced the WASH – Workplace Assessment for Safety and Hygiene – scheme to aid businesses in curbing the spread of coronavirus.

Eskaps India Pvt. Ltd. is registered and certified by the QCI to conduct such inspections and assist businesses in improving their daily operations to curb the spread of this disease.